Quality Control and R&D Team

“Aiming for 0% Reclamation with Zero Tolerance for Non-Compliance”

I am Auger – I know what quality means. And the first condition I look for in a product is simple: Having OE (Original Equipment) quality.

My priority is making sure all the parts I offer are of the highest quality. This is imperative to ensure safety and to live up to the Auger standard that promotes reliability. To guaranty hands-on supervision over design and production, I have a team of well-qualified engineers, researchers, and material experts, who I like to call ATOM.

ATOM was inspired by “atom” the fundamental piece of matter. And just as the universe is made of atoms,Auger’s operations are very much based on the work of ATOM. ATOM is by our suppliers’ side at every step of product development and production, ensuring sustainable quality in each reference and promoting Auger’s core values around the world.

Manufacturing & Testing

ATOM works closely with Sampa’s R&D Center CAMP
to control and finetune:

Designing and/or reverse engineering
Raw material selection and testing
Final product testing
Quality control processes
Patenting and Intellectual Rights processes

Industry Knowhow &

ATOM closely monitors market and customer behavior to address needs even before they come up.

Providing valuable data-based market knowhow Transferring customer feedback for continuous development Tracking and guiding product updates and material improvements Evaluating and tracking reclamations

Quality Control
& Improvement

We are proud to integrate 2 quality systems to ensure the best production methods, and always deliver the best products in the market.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

  • Promotes improved quality and service

  • Ensures delivery on time

  • Sets “right first time” attitude

  • Fewer returned products and complaints

  • Independent audit demonstrates commitment to quality

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System

  • Increases customer satisfaction

  • Provides safe transactions

  • An increase in efficient operating procedures

  • Continually improves our information security provisions

  • Gives a framework for identifying risks to information security and implementing appropriate management and technical controls

High-Tech Testing Systems

We are proud to integrate 2 quality systems to ensure the best production methods, and always deliver the best products in the market.

MTS testing platform

Universal tensile, compression and creep testing

Stress relaxation testing

DMA (Dynamic mechanical analysis)

Thermal analyzer

Rubber process analyzer

Standard and Atmospheric Corrosion Testing

DSC and TGA Thermal Analysis

Capillary Rheometer

Rubber FTFT (Fatigue to Failure Test)

TX-Ray fluorescence measuring system

RPA (Rubber Process Analyzer)

Pyrolysis gs/ms with dynamic head space

Atomic absorption, FTIR, gas chromatography,

and optical emission spectroscopy

Tribometer with 3d profiler

Vickers micro-hardness testing

Optical blue light 3D scanning

CNC Measuring Machine